‘Notes From the Lab”: My New Monthly Contributor Series on Award-Winning Perfume Blog, ÇaFleureBon

CaFleureBon Perfume Blog Contributor Series "Notes From the Lab" - Sherri Sebastian, Perfumer

I’m really excited to announce my new monthly contributor series on ÇaFleureBon called “Notes from the Lab”. I’ll be taking readers behind the scenes to gain a deeper understanding about fragrance notes and ingredients on this award-winning perfume blog.

“We begin a new monthly series “Notes From The Lab” with Sherri Sebastian who has a seat on the board of directors of American Society of Perfumers. Sherri has spent 24 years as a professional perfumer. Sherri shares her knowledge and will explore different topics. Today we focus on Musk, “I have an appreciation of the importance of musk today. They can dominate, or take a subtle back seat. They also have the ability to push top notes. For instance, someone might say, ‘This is the best citrus scent!’ not realizing that it’s a precisely chosen musk, added at an exact percentage that enhances the citrus characteristic.” – Michelyn Camen, Founder, CaFleureBon

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July 21, 2017

Meet The Makeup Blogger’s New MVP: Align Ultimate Face Oil

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Many thanks to celebrity makeup artist Kim Do aka The Makeup Blogger for including my Provision  Align Ultimate Face Oil in your story “Are These Facial Oils Really Worth the Hype?” and declaring it to be a new skincare MVP that is indeed worth the hype!

Here is the excerpt about Align:

I discovered Provision Align Ultimate Face Oil in the middle of winter when my skin really craved an extra drink. A cocktail of sweet almond, avocado and sesame seed oils create a formula ideal for oil cleansing, which, in case you missed it, is what we do now because regular cleansers are so passé. Just kidding; I love a good face wash, but cleansing with oil can be surprisingly transformative for both dry and oily complexions. Makes sense—oil dissolves oil, so an oil-based cleanser would naturally be better at clearing clogged pores than a water-based one (oil and water don’t mix). Oil cleansers are also usually free of the drying surfactants found in typical foaming cleansers.

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April 25, 2017

Exciting News! My New Role with the American Society of Perfumers

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After 24 years of being in the fragrance industry, it’s an honor to now be officially on the Board of Directors of the American Society of Perfumers (ASP). I have been serving as an Alternate Director for the past year and I have really enjoyed being part of this talented team of industry pros.

This was the first meeting (pictured above) where the number of women was greater than the number men. We are all equally lucky to have careers in perfumery!⠀

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March 28, 2017

Product Spotlight: Provision Fine Fragrance, Maitri

Meet Maitri, one of three fine fragrances from my new collection Provision.

I created Maitri, which means ‘self love’ in Sanskrit to be a modern version of a classic Vetiver scent composition. The Eco-Certified Vetiver is just out of this world… the way it wears on skin is indescribable. My best attempt at translating the experience is to say that it completely transforms and adapts to becoming a sheer layer on your skin that makes you feel ‘more like you’, like your best self. Combined with fresh Italian Bergamot and classic Oakmoss, the effect is sophisticated, fresh, and most importantly invites you to be happy with where you are and who you are, right now.

Maitri was featured in WWDProvision Champions Self Care for Sophisticated Beauty Shoppers” in December 2016.

For the backstory on why I created Provision, visit this post.

February 1, 2017

Product Spotlight: Provision Fine Fragrance, Resonance

Meet Resonance, one of three fine fragrances from my new collection Provision.

Taking a deep breath.⠀
Closing your eyes.⠀
Receiving a warm embrace.⠀
Feeling safe.⠀

Featuring Cork Absolute, Spanish Labdanum, Olibanum, Vanilla Absolute.

Resonance was featured in WWD in December 2016 “Provision Champions Self Care for Sophisticated Beauty Shoppers” and in November 2016 “Fall Fragrance Trend: Amber Waves”.⠀

For the backstory on why I created Provision, visit this post.

January 27, 2017

Kicking off the New Year with Prince Harry!

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What an incredible way to kick off the new year! My Provision Dream Extract was featured in  Town & Country Magazine  (Feb 2017) with none other than Prince Harry himself gracing the cover.⠀

“Ten years ago perfumer Sherri Sebastian was having what she calls an Eat Pray Love moment in Belize. Much like that book’s author, Elizabeth Gilbert, she met a healer in paradise who told her to put clary sage oil on her pillow at night if she wanted colorful, vivid dreams. All of a sudden, Sebastian says ‘I stopped thinking about sleeping and looked forward to dreaming’. Using fragrance to shift one’s perspective was on her mind when she created her new line, Provision, which includes Dream Extract, a room and linen spray built around fresh, herbaceous clary sage. Perfuming bed sheets may seem impossibly indulgent, but it can be functional as well…” – Town & Country Magazine

January 12, 2017

Provision Champions Self Care for Sophisticated Beauty Shoppers

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Thank you WWD for an incredible feature of my new collection Provision. Also featuring a quote from my fantastic Los Angeles retailer Ron Robinson. Here are some of my favorite excerpts:

I am extremely particular about how I scent my home and the products I surround myself with. I created this out of my own personal desire to have the ultimate experience in self care,” said Sebastian, who celebrated Provision’s debut with an event at retailer Ron Robinson earlier this month. “For as long as I can remember, I’ve been using fragrances to inspire a mood, and the Provision line comes from that. It’s the realization of what I like to have in my daily life for different moods. – Sherri Sebastian

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January 3, 2017