Trend Spotlight: Rose, Avocado & More at Expo West

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This was my 8th year in a row attending the Natural Products Expo West and as usual, it did not disappoint. This top photo (above) is of the essences of Biolandes. I’ve been a longtime fan and customer of theirs, so seeing their newest additions at Expo West made my day!

This is The Robertet Group’s latest collection. It’s always a pleasure to experience top notch oils straight from the source.

Rose has been trending in fragrances for years… fine fragrances, hair care, and personal care. Still, I was surprised to see it in natural niche snacks! I’m using Rose Wax in my Provision Connection Lip Rescue.

A new experience! Seeing avocado make its way into everyday snacks gives me one more reason to embrace and love it in beauty products. I chose to use avocado in my new Provision apothecary collection (Align Face Oil, Manifest Body Oil & Connection Lip Rescue) for it’s rich nutrient properties as well as moisturizing benefits.

Seeing almond grow in food categories makes me see the many areas of synergy between food and beauty. I’m using sweet almond oil in my Provision apothecary collection (Align Face Oil, Manifest Body Oil, Connection Lip Rescue).

As a perfumer I’m always looking for new sweet nuances to add to the expression of fragrance creation. At Expo West it was cool to see attention placed on various times of maple harvest; this yields different flavors from the same product–amazing! This photo is of late harvest maple syrup. Richer, bolder and smokier. It’s nice to have options to suit your mood and your style, isn’t it?

Coconut is always on point when it comes to versatility in our sensory experience; think suntan lotion, body oil and now… hemp milk.

I’ve been seeing goat milk products on the rise. I use this ingredient in my Sebastian Signs collection of soaps. Goats’ milk is excellent for many health reasons, but is also a luxurious item in beauty products. The creamy lather enhances the fragrance and adds extra moisture–double bonus!

Virtual reality at Expo West. Journeying through the field from harvest though production.

May 4, 2017
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