Product Spotlight: Provision Dream Extract

Meet Dream Extract, the first product in my new collection Provision and the fragrance experience that inspired the entire line.

I’ve suffered from insomnia my whole life and during an especially bad episode with it, I was traveling down the East Coast of Mexico and into Belize.⠀⠀
While in Belize I met a healer who offered me an oil to place on my pillow that promised vivid dreams. Of course I was super intrigued, I had nothing to lose and I always used scent throughout my day to help me feel the way I wanted to feel (why not now when I slept too?). ⠀

I tried it and woke up feeling rested & refreshed. Not only did I dream, I dreamed in color! I continued this nightly ritual and my focus began shifting from insomnia to dreaming. ⠀⠀
This shift in mindset along with the scent of the magic oil was exactly what I needed to change my perspective and embrace the possibilities that existed in my dreams, rather than staying immersed in the insomnia.⠀⠀
This experience many years ago is what lead to the creation of Dream Extract and what set the foundation for each product in the Provision line.⠀⠀

Dream Extract was featured in Town & Country Magazine Bed Fellows in February 2017, WWD Provision Champions Self Care for Sophisticated Beauty Shoppers” in December 2016 and WWDSynthetics Are the New Naturals at Tranoi Parfums New York” in September 2016.

November 18, 2016
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