Provision NY Launch Event at Smith and Brit in Chelsea

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After pouring my heart and soul into Provision for the last two years, it feels incredible to see it launched and on display in the window of our first New York City store, Smith and Brit.

I spent months & months testing individual notes and did countless experiments to find the exact right combinations for each product. That’s why you’ll notice there’s different scents for each product as opposed to same fragrance across many categories.

The result is exactly what I would want to use (and now do use!) in my everyday life – scents crafted for a specific body part: sage for the deo, labdanum (protective) for body, sandalwood for face to name a few.

We premiered Provision at our NYC launch for friends and editors and everyone’s feedback about the collection was unanimously from a place of surprise and elation. People weren’t expecting the uniqueness of the fragrance combinations and how they would make them feel. This is exactly the result I was going for, so to be sharing this moment of first-discovery with everyone was truly the highlight of my year.

Thank you to everyone who made it out to the launch. Your support means the world to me! You can learn more about the inspiration behind my Provision collection here.

November 9, 2016
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