Unique Wedding Touches: Custom Fragrances for Wedding Favors (via Yahoo! Beauty)

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For brides-to-be who are looking for unique wedding touches, I highly recommend incorporating fragrance into your big day. And no, I’m not saying that just because I’m a perfumer (although I’ll admit that I’m biased)! Scent enhances experiences and triggers memory more than anything else, so bringing a custom fragrance into your wedding ceremony or reception will solidify the magic of the day on a deeper level and give you the opportunity to recall that magic in an instant.

My husband Daniel and I chose to give custom perfumes to our guests as wedding favors, but you could also work fragrance into your wedding with custom candles or custom-made perfumes that just you and your husband wear during the day and for years to come.

I was recently honored to be included in Yahoo! Beauty’s article about unique wedding touches called “How Fragrance Uniquely Enhances Your Wedding Experience” along with fellow perfumers Sarah Horowitz-Thran and MarieAnna Ferdinand.

Here is my excerpt from the piece, where I share more details about the perfumes I created for my wedding day:

For her January wedding earlier this year at Saddle Peak Lodge in the Malibu canyon area, Sebastian bottled masculine and feminine fragrances under the name Sharcus — her and her husband Daniel Marcus’s tongue-in-cheek version of a celeb combo moniker in the tradition of Brangelina and Bennifer — offered as keepsakes for their 25 guests. “The scents were a natural extension of what I do professionally, but also designed to complement and craft a customized mood for our big day — one that captured our essence as individuals, as a couple, and complemented the rustic charm of the lodge and the natural beauty surrounding it,” explains Sebastian. Sharcus Femme was a smoky osmanthus-driven floral fragrance. “It wasn’t just a delicate flower,” says Sebastian. “That’s how I am as a person.” The blend of vetiver and bergamot in Sharcus Homme resulted in an earthy effect evocative of the setting.

“Since this was a new beginning for my husband and I, I wanted to make fragrances that were brand new.” says Sebastian. “There was a level of customization that added to the whole experience. People were really moved by them, and when I go to my friends’ houses, I will see the perfume set aside from the rest of their perfumes, and they will say, ‘I only wear Sharcus now.’ I didn’t anticipate how much they would like it.”

Update August 2, 2017:

I know that creating custom fragrances as unique wedding touches could be a bit extravagant for some brides (especially if you are not a perfumer), so another avenue to consider is wearing fragrances that use unique notes from niche brands that your guests may not be familiar with yet.

My new collection, Provision, features three fine fragrances that complement each other perfectly. Las Flores is an exquisite choice for a bride and both Resonance and Maitri (unisex) would be excellent choices for a groom.

You can read more about my inspiration for this collection here.

October 5, 2015
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