Meet The Makeup Blogger’s New MVP: Align Ultimate Face Oil

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Many thanks to celebrity makeup artist Kim Do aka The Makeup Blogger for including my Provision  Align Ultimate Face Oil in your story “Are These Facial Oils Really Worth the Hype?” and declaring it to be a new skincare MVP that is indeed worth the hype!

Here is the excerpt about Align:

I discovered Provision Align Ultimate Face Oil in the middle of winter when my skin really craved an extra drink. A cocktail of sweet almond, avocado and sesame seed oils create a formula ideal for oil cleansing, which, in case you missed it, is what we do now because regular cleansers are so passé. Just kidding; I love a good face wash, but cleansing with oil can be surprisingly transformative for both dry and oily complexions. Makes sense—oil dissolves oil, so an oil-based cleanser would naturally be better at clearing clogged pores than a water-based one (oil and water don’t mix). Oil cleansers are also usually free of the drying surfactants found in typical foaming cleansers.

If you’re still apprehensive about letting oil anywhere near your face, I feel you. I’ve personally tried this practice with jojoba oil because experts say it’s good for oily skin types since it’s similar to the sebum our body produces naturally—and all I got were clogged pores and bumps! In fact, I’ve never had luck with cleansing with pure oils that weren’t specifically formulated for that purpose. But this beautiful blend, which also boasts calming rosemary extract and cumin seed oil, left my skin quenched and soft. The alluring sandalwood scent is a major bonus. My advice: for oil cleansing, paying extra for a thoughtfully crafted product is worth it. This works as a standalone day and night moisturizer as well.

Photo Credit: The Makeup Blogger

April 25, 2017
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