Leaf TV Beauty Brief: Scent Vibes Are A Thing

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I am so honored that Leaf TV featured Provision Scents in their latest Beauty Brief!!  I’m thrilled that the article was all about “scent vibes”.

Below is an expert, for the full article head on over to Leaf TV .


“Welcome to Beauty Brief — where we take a deep-dive into the industry’s top-rated skincare, makeup and haircare brands. We test them out exclusively for 30 days, learn from the founders and formulators, and let you know our 100% honest opinion. 👋


” ‘Scent vibes’ are a thing. It’s the reason you are drawn towards certain products, specific people and places. Scents can take you back to a specific moment-in-time. Sherri Sebastian, Founder & Perfumer of Provision Scents, says,


“Odor molecules are everywhere. We encounter more scents in a day than we’re often aware of. As a teen, I carefully chose products based on a ‘mood’ I was trying to inspire.


Provision Scents

I hope you enjoyed the article–here’s to manifesting your dream environment with scent!


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April 26, 2018
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