“Notes from the Lab” Part 4: Debunking Fragrance Myths

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My new monthly contributor series on award-winning perfume blog, ÇaFleureBon called “Notes from the Lab” continues this month with the topic “Debunking Fragrance Myths”. Below is an excerpt, for the full article head on over to ÇaFleureBon here.

After many years of working as a perfumer, writing formulas has become second nature to me. I find it to be calming and therapeutic. When I hear “experts” talking about fragrances—their notes, the latest status of “naturals,” ingredient labelling, niche vs. artisans— my mind wanders back to my formulas.

This month, I’d like to pause and offer insight on five common fragrance misconceptions from an industry insider’s perspective:

Coffee beans cleanse the olfactive palate: For many years coffee beans have been used to “cleanse the smelling palate” when smelling numerous scents. If you look behind the scenes, you’ll learn not only that this is a myth, but that the naturally occurring chemicals in coffee—pyrazines—are powerful ingredients that most perfumers avoid when developing and evaluating scents.

Pro tip: Step outside and breathe fresh air or simply sniff the inside of your elbow to refresh your scent palate.

October 28, 2017
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