“Notes from the Lab” Part 3: Fragrance Descriptions ~What’s “Real” in a Fantasy World?

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My new monthly contributor series on award-winning perfume blog, ÇaFleureBon called “Notes from the Lab” continues this month with the topic “Fragrance Descriptions~What’s Real in a Fantasy World?”. Below is an excerpt, for the full article head on over to ÇaFleureBon here.

Despite the growing trend in beauty towards ingredient transparency, one area that remains a mystery is fragrance descriptions. To be clear, fragrance descriptions are not ingredient listings, but instead subjective interpretations of a scent profile.

Some descriptions such as “dirt” and “concrete” are more obvious in their fantasy origins, but even when a fragrance is described as having straightforward notes like oud, sandalwood, or rose, it doesn’t guarantee that these ingredients are actually part of the formula.

On the other hand, many raw materials don’t smell like most people would expect them to. For example, true rose absolute is earthier than floral. And oud on its own smells nothing like many of the current oud fragrances.

Arwork by Christian Schloe.

September 23, 2017
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