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Brit+Co Summer Prep Beauty Products

So thrilled to have been one of Brit+Co’s ‘18 May beauty products to get you prepped for Summer‘ 2018!

Their pick was the PROVISION Everyday Reset Pack, and I love what they said:


This set is designed with all of your traveling and vacation needs in mind. Hit the open road and stay fresh with relaxing sandalwood face oil, vetiver deodorant, and clary sage room and linen spray


So grateful, and I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Xo, Sherri

June 21, 2018

Megan Crean: Get That Perfect Beauty Sleep

I absolutely love Megan Crean’s blog, and LOVE that she uses my line, Provision Scents as a part of her “Perfect Beauty Sleep” routine.



Bedtime is my favorite time of day. So, since I spend so much time in bed and LOVE sleeping (and naps omg), I’ve put together the best nighttime routine to get you ready for that perfect beauty sleep.


….POST-SHOWER: I put on my Provision Align ….I love spritzing my pillows and sheets with Provision’s Dream Extract  (SOOO good).


Thank you Megan!

Xo, Sherri

June 21, 2018

Mixed Makeup: How to Find Your Signature Scent



Courtney Cohen from Mixed Makeup did a post called finding your signature scent, and I had the pleasure of being interviewed for the article!


To go more in-depth, I reached out to Sherri Sebastian, a Los Angeles-based perfumer with her own fragrance and beauty line, Provision. Using one of her most popular scents, Las Flores, she explains the complexity of individual notes:

“When I created Las Flores I focused on orange flower absolute … Because I wanted this note to have more staying power and read less floral, I infused the composition with ‘invisible’ layers of amber and dry woods, disrupting the traditional ‘top note’ giving it a more natural projection.

The result is an expansive, ‘non-floral floral’ with layers that seamlessly blend together to create a bright, natural, and sensual experience, all at once.”


If you want to try each of Provision’s three Eau de Parfums, checkout the EDP Discovery Trio. You can try all three and see which one could be your new signature scent.


June 21, 2018