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Brit+Co Summer Prep Beauty Products

So thrilled to have been one of Brit+Co’s ‘18 May beauty products to get you prepped for Summer‘ 2018!

Their pick was the PROVISION Everyday Reset Pack, and I love what they said:


This set is designed with all of your traveling and vacation needs in mind. Hit the open road and stay fresh with relaxing sandalwood face oil, vetiver deodorant, and clary sage room and linen spray


So grateful, and I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Xo, Sherri

June 21, 2018

Megan Crean: Get That Perfect Beauty Sleep

I absolutely love Megan Crean’s blog, and LOVE that she uses my line, Provision Scents as a part of her “Perfect Beauty Sleep” routine.



Bedtime is my favorite time of day. So, since I spend so much time in bed and LOVE sleeping (and naps omg), I’ve put together the best nighttime routine to get you ready for that perfect beauty sleep.


….POST-SHOWER: I put on my Provision Align ….I love spritzing my pillows and sheets with Provision’s Dream Extract  (SOOO good).


Thank you Megan!

Xo, Sherri

June 21, 2018

Mixed Makeup: How to Find Your Signature Scent



Courtney Cohen from Mixed Makeup did a post called finding your signature scent, and I had the pleasure of being interviewed for the article!


To go more in-depth, I reached out to Sherri Sebastian, a Los Angeles-based perfumer with her own fragrance and beauty line, Provision. Using one of her most popular scents, Las Flores, she explains the complexity of individual notes:

“When I created Las Flores I focused on orange flower absolute … Because I wanted this note to have more staying power and read less floral, I infused the composition with ‘invisible’ layers of amber and dry woods, disrupting the traditional ‘top note’ giving it a more natural projection.

The result is an expansive, ‘non-floral floral’ with layers that seamlessly blend together to create a bright, natural, and sensual experience, all at once.”


If you want to try each of Provision’s three Eau de Parfums, checkout the EDP Discovery Trio. You can try all three and see which one could be your new signature scent.


June 21, 2018

Life & Style: Celeb-Worthy Swag

I’m so excited that all three of Provision’s fragrances were featured in the May 28th, 2018 issue of Life & Style Magazine as “celeb-worthy swag”.


Provision’s luxury perfumes are pleasing to more than just noses. Botanical essences found in the label’s bright and airy Las Flores, refreshing and sexy Resonance, and comforting and sensual Maitri lift moods thanks to their calming and meditative properties. It’s Zen in a bottle!


Love that! Thank you Life & Style!!


Xo, Sherri

June 21, 2018

Everything Evelyn Friday Favorites


Every Friday, Everything Evelyne features some favorite beauty products. I absolutely LOVE that she loves these two!


I’m loving these products from Provision. The face oil is so fabulous and smells amazing. And these days my lips have been so dry and this lip balm has literally saved me!!!!

Follow the links to read more about each product and the ingredients in them!

Xo, Sherri

June 21, 2018

“Notes from the Lab” part 8: How to Curate your Perfume Collection.

                                                        5 Ways to Curate your Scent Collection


1.) Step away from the “fragrance descriptions.”  Don’t depend on marketing descriptions to determine what type of scents you like.


2.) Simplify scent categories — Try to first identify your preferred general type, then move on to more specific notes within those categories.


3.) Analyze less, feel more. Think back to your earliest scent memories. Ask yourself, “what does my heart say about this and how does it make me feel?”


4.) Create scent-free zones in your home.  Today more than ever, we’re surrounded by scents in just about every product imaginable.  How then, can one truly experience scent when there’s not a “clean slate” from which to compare it? 


5.) Curate your selections.  Now the fun begins!  Once you’ve identified a scent preference try to create experiences across all categories to support this.

For more details, read the full article here: ÇaFleureBon 

I hope you will be inspired to create your own unique collection–Curate on!!



(P.S. Follow @provisionscents to see the inspirations behind my new line of luxury wellness offerings. Who knows, maybe something from the line will become a part in your scent curation!)

May 23, 2018

Leaf TV Beauty Brief: Scent Vibes Are A Thing

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I am so honored that Leaf TV featured Provision Scents in their latest Beauty Brief!!  I’m thrilled that the article was all about “scent vibes”.

Below is an expert, for the full article head on over to Leaf TV .


“Welcome to Beauty Brief — where we take a deep-dive into the industry’s top-rated skincare, makeup and haircare brands. We test them out exclusively for 30 days, learn from the founders and formulators, and let you know our 100% honest opinion. 👋


” ‘Scent vibes’ are a thing. It’s the reason you are drawn towards certain products, specific people and places. Scents can take you back to a specific moment-in-time. Sherri Sebastian, Founder & Perfumer of Provision Scents, says,


“Odor molecules are everywhere. We encounter more scents in a day than we’re often aware of. As a teen, I carefully chose products based on a ‘mood’ I was trying to inspire.


Provision Scents

I hope you enjoyed the article–here’s to manifesting your dream environment with scent!


P.S. If you’re not yet already, follow us on our revamped instagram! @provisionscents 

April 26, 2018

Meet The Makeup Blogger’s New MVP: Align Ultimate Face Oil

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Many thanks to celebrity makeup artist Kim Do aka The Makeup Blogger for including my Provision  Align Ultimate Face Oil in your story “Are These Facial Oils Really Worth the Hype?” and declaring it to be a new skincare MVP that is indeed worth the hype!

Here is the excerpt about Align:

I discovered Provision Align Ultimate Face Oil in the middle of winter when my skin really craved an extra drink. A cocktail of sweet almond, avocado and sesame seed oils create a formula ideal for oil cleansing, which, in case you missed it, is what we do now because regular cleansers are so passé. Just kidding; I love a good face wash, but cleansing with oil can be surprisingly transformative for both dry and oily complexions. Makes sense—oil dissolves oil, so an oil-based cleanser would naturally be better at clearing clogged pores than a water-based one (oil and water don’t mix). Oil cleansers are also usually free of the drying surfactants found in typical foaming cleansers.

Read more…

April 25, 2017