Exciting News! My New Role with the American Society of Perfumers

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After 24 years of being in the fragrance industry, it’s an honor to now be officially on the Board of Directors of the American Society of Perfumers (ASP). I have been serving as an Alternate Director for the past year and I have really enjoyed being part of this talented team of industry pros.

This was the first meeting (pictured above) where the number of women was greater than the number men. We are all equally lucky to have careers in perfumery!⠀

Here is an excerpt about the mission of ASP via their website:

The main goal of the ASP is to foster and encourage the art and science of perfumery in the United States and to represent our community internationally. Historically, we have held iconic industry events that ranged from the NY Perfumery Symposium held annually until 2013 to the PCA Award ceremonies providing acknowledgement of great work in our profession. Many perfumers, noteworthy individuals, fine fragrance creations, new consumer products, and corporations in the fragrance world have been recognized for their individual contribution to the industry.

That spirit of community and acknowledgement still survives today In our new experiential events promoting creativity and inspiration within the art of perfumery. Creative exchange exposés are held at regular intervals promoting and benefiting our membership thru exposure and inspiration.

The ASP also sponsors charity events as a means of giving back to those in need an important part of a culture of creativity.

One of the ASP’s recent premiere events was “An Evening of Pairings” at the Loab Boathouse in New York City this past November. This wonderful annual event pairs food, wine and fragrances and I was honored to have been selected as one of the three featured perfumers to create a custom fragrance for that evening. You can read more about my fragrance creation here.

March 28, 2017
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