The Art and Olfaction Awards, 2016

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It has been such an honor to serve as a judge for The Art and Olfaction Awards the past three years (2014-2016).

Here is an excerpt about the awards from #AOAWARDS:

The Art and Olfaction Awards celebrate creativity, innovation and excellence in global independent and artisan perfumery. We accomplish this through an annual award in three categories: Artisan Perfume, Independent Perfume and Experimental Work with Scent.

Awarded to just five projects a year, the Art and Olfaction Awards present a highly competitive and highly selective award that is designed to raise interest and awareness for active independent and artisan perfumers from all countries. Our hope is that by shining a spotlight on independent and artisan perfumery’s most outstanding creators, we-  in turn – will help generate support for independent perfumery, as a whole.

Submissions to the awards are open to the public, and are judged blindly by an international panel, in two phases. The preliminary judges decide the shortlisted perfumes in the artisan and independent category, and the finalist judges decide the winners. A separate panel of curators and artists decide both the shortlisted projects and the winners in the Sadakichi Award for Experimental Work with Scent.

*Photos courtesy of The Art and Olfaction Awards.

May 11, 2016
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