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May 2018

“Notes from the Lab” part 8: How to Curate your Perfume Collection.

                                                        5 Ways to Curate your Scent Collection


1.) Step away from the “fragrance descriptions.”  Don’t depend on marketing descriptions to determine what type of scents you like.


2.) Simplify scent categories — Try to first identify your preferred general type, then move on to more specific notes within those categories.


3.) Analyze less, feel more. Think back to your earliest scent memories. Ask yourself, “what does my heart say about this and how does it make me feel?”


4.) Create scent-free zones in your home.  Today more than ever, we’re surrounded by scents in just about every product imaginable.  How then, can one truly experience scent when there’s not a “clean slate” from which to compare it? 


5.) Curate your selections.  Now the fun begins!  Once you’ve identified a scent preference try to create experiences across all categories to support this.

For more details, read the full article here: ÇaFleureBon 

I hope you will be inspired to create your own unique collection–Curate on!!



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May 23, 2018