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November 2016

Product Spotlight: Provision Align Face Oil

Meet Provision Align Face Oil. This is your moment of daily meditation. The ingredients used in this facial ritual support an inspired state of being and help you carry this feeling throughout the day. ⠀

I like to look in the mirror and Align my intentions with my true essence while I’m using it every morning and evening. This small little moment of conscious thought has made a big impact in the way I feel everyday.

For the backstory on why I created Provision, visit this post.

November 23, 2016

Trend Tracking: Amber Notes on the Rise

I’m honored to have one of Provision’s fine fragrances featured in the WWD article Fall Fragrance Trend: Amber Waves”and to have been invited to comment on the rising trend of Amber notes this Fall.

Amber notes are becoming more popular as retro-inspired fragrances continue to trend,” said Sherri Sebastian, a Los Angeles-based perfumer who is launching her own niche brand — Provision — this fall. She is spotlighting a trademarked ingredient called Amber Xtreme in Resonance, a star eau de parfum in the collection.”

That’s a bottle of Resonance in the bottom right hand corner of the photo.

November 22, 2016

Product Spotlight: Provision Dream Extract

Meet Dream Extract, the first product in my new collection Provision and the fragrance experience that inspired the entire line.

I’ve suffered from insomnia my whole life and during an especially bad episode with it, I was traveling down the East Coast of Mexico and into Belize.⠀⠀
While in Belize I met a healer who offered me an oil to place on my pillow that promised vivid dreams. Of course I was super intrigued, I had nothing to lose and I always used scent throughout my day to help me feel the way I wanted to feel (why not now when I slept too?). ⠀

I tried it and woke up feeling rested & refreshed. Not only did I dream, I dreamed in color! I continued this nightly ritual and my focus began shifting from insomnia to dreaming. ⠀⠀
This shift in mindset along with the scent of the magic oil was exactly what I needed to change my perspective and embrace the possibilities that existed in my dreams, rather than staying immersed in the insomnia.⠀⠀
This experience many years ago is what lead to the creation of Dream Extract and what set the foundation for each product in the Provision line.⠀⠀

Dream Extract was featured in Town & Country Magazine Bed Fellows in February 2017, WWD Provision Champions Self Care for Sophisticated Beauty Shoppers” in December 2016 and WWDSynthetics Are the New Naturals at Tranoi Parfums New York” in September 2016.

November 18, 2016

Provision Delivers Mindful Luxury

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Thank you Global Cosmetic Industry (GCI) for announcing my new collection of fine fragrances and natural, luxury personal care products. Here is an excerpt from their article:

Provision, a new personal care and beauty range, offers a grounding, meditative approach to luxury. “My dream for Provision was to create a product line that offers the ultimate experience—scents that you can’t get enough of, elegant bases with sustainable, natural, and innovative ingredients that deliver exactly what you need,” said founder Sherri Sebastian. “If my products help people to take a moment for themselves each day, my dream will be realized.”

Visit the full article to read their summaries of each of the products in the Provision collection.

November 18, 2016

Food, Wine and Fragrances in New York City

Thursday night was such an incredible evening! I’m so honored to have been selected by The American Society of Perfumers to be one of the three featured perfumers to create a custom fragrance for their annual food, wine and fragrance pairing event, An Evening of Pairings in New York City.

Here is an excerpt from my speech:

“I crafted an accord with cade, stemone, patchouli, and cedar. These notes can easily overpower a fragrance so I spent a good amount of time observing the interplay of these ingredients together first before decided how I would finish the fragrance. I purposely chose to forgo vanilla, since the sweet potatoes added sweetness. I also stayed away from fruity notes since the wine is full bodied and fruity as well. Most of all, I wanted the beauty of the meal to be revealed and enhanced by the scent.” – Sherri Sebastian

Little known fact about me... before I started down the career path of becoming a professional perfumer (quite some time ago) I apprenticed with a sixth-generation wine-maker in Germany.

November 12, 2016

Introducing Provision!

It’s time! The day has finally arrived for me to tell you all about what I’ve been pouring my heart and soul into for the last 2 years! Provision is now launched! And available in stores.

Provision is a line of super luxurious body care and fine fragrances with scents that were inspired by my life in Los Angeles and crafted with love and precision to enhance your mood, environment, body and spirit as you move throughout your day.

I created this line based on what I would want to use for my own self care… as you know I work with perfumes all day long! So in my own life I’m very particular about what I put on my skin and more importantly, the scents I surround myself with.

I spent months & months testing individual notes and did countless experiments to find the exact right combinations for each product. That’s why you’ll notice there’s different scents for each product as opposed to same fragrance across many categories.

The result is exactly what I would want to use (and now do use!) in my everyday life – scents crafted for a specific body part: sage for the deo, labdanum (protective) for body, sandalwood for face to name a few.

I can’t wait for you to experience my new baby! You can learn more about each product on my Provision website.

November 9, 2016

Provision NY Launch Event at Smith and Brit in Chelsea

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After pouring my heart and soul into Provision for the last two years, it feels incredible to see it launched and on display in the window of our first New York City store, Smith and Brit.

I spent months & months testing individual notes and did countless experiments to find the exact right combinations for each product. That’s why you’ll notice there’s different scents for each product as opposed to same fragrance across many categories.

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November 9, 2016