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April 2015

The Huntington Library, Environmental Scents Exhibition

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I truly love participating in fragrance collaborations that have an artistic element, so when The Institute for Art and Olfaction (IAO) invited me to be the perfumer on the The Huntington Library scent exhibition, I immediately said yes! My focus for this project was to re-imagine scents that would evoke the olfactive history of the Huntington Library gardens.

The most interesting and challenging scent to develop was ‘The Barn’, with notes of alfalfa, milk, and farm animals. I chose to develop a scent around the natural cresolic notes I detect from horses—I grew up with horses and remember this scent well from the many hours I spent brushing their coats, cleaning their shoes, and shoveling their stalls! Today this scent is trending, and I’ve worked with several clients using ‘horse’ inspired animalic notes. Horses are naturally vegetarian, so their unique scent reflects this. Read more…

April 8, 2015